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Good.All protein About us

Good.All Protein was founded in 2022 by accomplished chef and hospitality revolutionary Shane Goodall. Shane was finding great difficulty in sourcing high-quality and natural protein powder to incorporate into his diet, stemming from a lack of products that fitted with Shane’s ethos of sustainability, natural ingredients, and a high-quality product that not only were good for your health but also tasted delicious.   

Knowing there was nothing on the market that ticked his boxes, together with his biomedical scientist wife Adele, they began to formulate their own products. Together they set out to create a product that was honest, rich in superfoods, and didn’t contain any unnecessary ingredients.   

After gym buddy Stefan sampled one of Shanes' protein shakes, he begged Shane to make a batch for him. Word quickly spread of Shane’s new product between friends and family, with everyone wanting it as a regular staple in their pantries. As the business grew to service the protein demands of friends and family, Good.All Protein was born! 


Natural, pure, ethical, sustainable, delicious

Good.All Protein continues to serve the community by helping them to reach their health, fitness, and wellbeing goals without sacrificing taste or performance! 

Good.All Protein is made from all-natural ingredients, free from artificial flavours, preservatives, artificial sweeteners, and a delicate blend of superfoods and bioavailable plant protein that’s not only good for you but good for the environment. Every product is bursting with natural vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and phytonutrients to help build the best version of YOU! 


Good.All Protein is a Geelong family-owned and operated business designed to support our community. A healthy and thriving community is what it’s all about!  

Made in Australia using mostly Australian ingredients, Good.All Protein not only supports local growers with a focus on clean protein isolates, but advocates for sustainable practices with low emissions and care taken with preserving natural resources and agriculture. This helps by limiting the demand of deforestation which contributes to species extinction as well as water and soil contamination.  

By supporting local farmers Good.All Protein helps preserve agriculture and helps our local economy by keeping work and money in Australia. Good.All Protein only uses farmers who don’t use solvents or enzymes in their farming practices, and who support the introduction of nitrogen back into the soil to ensure mineral prosperity for generations to come. This ensures Good.All Protein products meet the strict requirements of regulatory bodies within the Australian food and farming sectors. 


Good.All Protein is made using only the highest quality plant protein, nuts, seeds, and superfoods - the epitome of pure and wholesome! Our products contain no 'nasties' or anything artificial such as colours, flavours, preservatives, or sweeteners. We sweeten our blends with high-quality pure monk fruit and green stevia leaf powder to give the product a smooth subtle sweet taste without artificial additives. 

Where possible, ingredients are organic, grown, and produced in Australia. This varies on seasonal availability to ensure the absolute freshness and ability to produce the high-quality product possible.


All Good.All Protein packaging is reusable, recyclable and biodegradable, something that many sustainable businesses often fail to implement! By creating a minimal waste product, for both consumers and at a supply level, we are supporting the environment through reduced animal agricultural practices. 

Good.All Protein faba bean and yellow pea protein is sustainably grown and processed in Victoria, Australia, helping to minimise its journey to our manufacturing facility. We are mindful of our emissions from start to finish, continually striving to achieve a lower carbon footprint for each of our products, which aligns with our goal of being a climate-positive company.


Good.All Protein contains a unique 'double threat' blend of pea protein and fava bean protein, mixed with superfoods designed to support essential fatty acid, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidant requirements. All ingredients are of the highest quality, and no filling agents are used, ensuring every ingredient serves a purpose both nutritionally and to add to the powder's unparalleled flavour and consistency.


Through our regimented testing process, Good.All Protein head-creator and chef Shane along with our team of scientists and developers have refined all Four protein blends to ensure the taste, texture, and consistency of the product, to ensure we meet the needs of our customers. The pinnacle of an exceptional Good.All Protein powder is that it needs to blend well, and not have that chalky consistency or overpowering taste you so often experience.

Although everyone’s preferences in how they consume their protein vary, we know your tastebuds will love Good.All Protein!


One of our missions is to give you an answer to that question that has plagued vegans for decades - but where do you get your protein?

Now you can confidently say “From Good.All Protein!” 

The benefits of primary plant proteins have their own features and nutritional benefits, therefore utilising our blend ensures a protein-rich supplement to aid your health goals. Vegan or not, many people may notice GI discomfort when ingesting animal protein (whey), therefore a plant-based alternative can elevate these symptoms while still ensuring adequate protein requirements are met.